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Equine Digestion Webinar

Introduction to Horse Digestion.”Our presenter is Dr. Tania Cubitt, Doctor of Philosophy in Equine Nutrition and Reproduction, and she’s great with speaking to the appropriate audience level in attendance. She has a worksheet for students to complete while they follow along with the presentation, as well. We’ll keep it short and sweet, but make plenty of time for the kids to ask any questions.

This will take place on Wednesday, April 29th at 5:30 PM MST/6:30 PM CST. For those who can’t make the live event, we are planning to record it and the recording will be emailed out within about 24-48 hours, to those that registered.

Can you share this opportunity with any Texas chapters that have a particular interest in horses? Or if you can direct us to anyone who may be interested, we’d love to get this info to them! Here are some helpful links for anyone wanting to learn more about this opportunity and more about Dr. Cubitt. I also included our Facebook event in case anyone would like to share it that way as well.

Link to register 


Link to download worksheet 


Shareable event for Facebook –


Dr. Tania Cubitt 


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Animal Care Technologies
Animal Care Technologies provide ACT Online Education to high schools and colleges. They are offering 30 days FREE to every school in America, no purchase required. To get going call 940-220-0306 or email kyle.rodrigues@4act.com.

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Animal U
This is a great tool to teach livestock education online. It’s an online university designed to give students instant access to information about specific species like swine and beef. Modules touch on topics like animal behavior, daily care, genetics, biosecurity, being show ready, and much ore. There are also modules that pertain to all species such as food safety and careers in the animal agriculture industry. Teachers should be sure to instruct students to download the Challenge Code Tracker and keep it handy so they can record completion codes to earn their certificate(s). The best part? It’s free for a limited time!



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