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Each year the Agriculture Teachers Association president assigns committees to evaluate, improve and carry out the activities of the Association.

Lynita Foster-Chair
Tracey Cortez
Jayson Hill
Billy Johnson
Jimmy Key
David Laird
Monty Main
Jeff Miller
Jay Newton
Charles Purcell
Jay Trees
Ralph Wilson

Monica Patrick-Chair
Nicole Brown
Kevin Dillard
Adam Graham
Jesse Guerra
Keith Porter
Christy Tobola
Michelle Vasbinder

Human Resources      
Jennifer Gilbreath-Chair
Tara Barton
Brant Lee
Nikki Reed
Jessica Reeves
Roxanne Zahradnik

Glenn Clinard-Chair
Mark Davis
Benny Garza
Sean McGuire
Kevin Packman
Glenn Sesco

Marco Barrientes-Chair
Corey Brown
Tracy Dicken
Jeff Kennedy
Wes McCarley
Joe Molina
Marty Resendez
Mike Sammon
Nichole Sullivan

Member Services      
David Bray-Chair
Cody Berry
Kevin Dillard
Jacob Lange
Rodney Peugh
Jason Woods

Troy Oliver-Chair
David Burton
Michael Collins
Bobby Farias
Beth Gann
Eric Harrel
Brent Keifer
Danny Kempen
Seth Lucas
Toby Long
Brandon Otto
Melissa Rosenbusch

Partnership and Cooperation      
Nathan Jordan-Chair
Spenser Adams
Donald Guillory
Jessica Graham
Lance Jonas
Sid Morris
Michelle Sammon
Casey Wilson

Professional Improvement      

Patrick Padgett-Chair
Aaron Bednarz
Jim Bob Bradley
Tom Farmer
Mike Gann
Blake Hesteande
Amanda Kacal
Daniel Odom
Doug Ullrich 

Jim Harris-Chair
Bonnie Beard
Steve Belyeu
Cody Davenport
Eric Davis
Doug Fox
Brian Martin
Anthony Meurer
Shane Miller
Lisa Pieper
Chad Reese

Executive Committee      
Area 1 - Shane Miller 
Area 2 - Doug Fox
Area 3 - Seth Lucas
Area 4 - Jeff Miller
Area 5 - Glenn Sesco
Area 6 - Nathan Jordan
Area 7 - Patrick Padgett
Area 8 - Monica Patrick
Area 9 - Ralph Wilson
Area 10 - Jim Harris
Area 11 - Troy Oliver
Area 12 - Glenn Clinard

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Please see the documents sections at the bottom of this page for the Association's Committee Reports.

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