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2021 legislation affecting CTE and Ag Science      

Notes for the Legislative Session for 2021


This bill written by Rep Van Deaver was designed to give flexibility on meeting A-F accountability.  If a student completes a program of study, they will receive credit for meeting for that student.  This provides another option besides certifications or the other options.  This is a desirable option as it will help you promote providing classes for students to become a completer in a program of study which would require a student to complete 4 or more credits in 3 or more classes where one must be from the level 3 or 4.  These also meets the Federal standard for Perkins’s funding.  Offering programs of study is a requirement for all schools under TEA guidelines.

HB773 one pager

TEA Programs of Studies:

Approved CTE Programs of Study | Texas Education Agency


This bill had broad support and even though there were parts of it that we did not want. Items in this were designed to repair some items affected by HB3 including the small school allotment that was being adversely affected by CTE weighted funding.  It appeared this was being pushed by the Commissioner and his supporters with the intent to get more students detail training in level 3 and 4 courses.   Courses that are not in a program of study will be funded at 1.1 – the only ag course at this level is Mathematical Applications.  Level 1 and 2 will be funded at 1.27 – courses in this that will be affected include Principles of AFNR, and Agricultural Mechanics and Metal Fabrication.  Level 3 and 4 will be funded at 1.47  this level includes all practicums and Floral Design.  Schools will be affected in various ways.  In the documents file below is the MCA calculator to see the affect of HB1525 on your CTE funding.  I would suggest you work closely with your schools to evaluate your programs of study. I would also suggest advancing a student through the programs of study to the practicums, this generates more funding as well as skills for work-based learning. According to Representative Van Deaver,   HB3 was allowing schools to get small school allotment or their CTE funding whichever was more. Under 1525, it now allows districts to receive both.



This one was designed to provide grant funding for livestock shows across Texas.  It creates a fund that can hold money from a variety of sources and shows can request grants from the funds.  This one may take a while to get funds in it for it to be available.



While not affecting high school agriculture, SB801 would require agriculture education in elementary.  It appears they will be forming a committee to look at available curriculum for teachers to use.  ATAT has requested to have representation on the committee.  We hope to hear more soon.


If you are not sure what your district is generating.  Use this link to see your districts funding.  You will choose the summary of finances report , choose your district, what school year and.  The HTML report is the fastest.  If you want one to print, use the pdf version.  You will look for a line that says Career and Technology funding(most schools it is line 27)  It would also tell you that 55% of this would need to be spent on direct CTE funds.  This means all CTE program in your district what should be spent including teacher salaries.

You also should reference the CCMR Bonus line #28. You impact this through industry-based certification (IBC). Funds are not typically directly allocated to CTE but are available for support.

HB 3938 Workforce Development

Transfers authority over IBCs approved for state accountability to an advisory council. The council is appointed and will included three industry representatives, three teachers or administrators, and three representing community colleges on a staggering four-year term. The list is to be developed by January 2022 and updated annually.


This Chart will outline the differences in CCMR (IBC impact and Programs of Study to be added with new legislation) and CCMR Outcome Bonuses (IBC impact).






Texas Legislature Online      
Texas Legislature Online is a service provided by the state to keep the public informed as to who is on different committees, what bills have been filed and information about bills as to text, fiscal note and status of the bill. You can also find out when committees are meeting and agendas, and meeting times of the full Senate and House. If you have a Real Player on your computer you can even watch the activities being broadcast. Visit Texas Legislature Online at: www.capitol.state.tx.us

Who Represents Me?      
It is also important that you make contact with your state representatives and senators to voice your concerns regarding the maintenance of weighted funding, teacher salaries and teacher insurance. The legislators will be more receptive to requests made by their constituents. Find out who your legislators are and their contact information: Who Represents Me?

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