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Hall of Fame Nomination Process      
The Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas Hall of Fame exists to recognize and honor agricultural science teachers whose careers, achievements, and contributions stand exemplary. Inductees are known as well-rounded professionals that have proven their success with FFA activities, in the classroom, as well as community involvement. They have proven their desire to provide students with opportunities for premier leadership, personal growth and career success over a significant period of time.

Tenure Awards      
The Agriculture Teachers Association presents awards in honor of years of membership in the Agriculture Teachers Association.  Awards are given in 5-year increments starting with year 5 of membership and continue until retirement.  Awards are presented during the Professional Development Conference. Tenure awards are given in the year completed. 

Please note if you have registered for conference your tenure has already been advanced on your ATAT Online account. The number showing is for the 2024-2025 year.

Click here to see who will be recognized at this year's conference. If you feel you should be on the list this year and do not see your name please email Karen Jones at karen@texasagteachers.org. 

Outstanding Teacher Awards      

Split into three experience levels, these awards acknowledge agriculture science teachers who have shown a strong commitment to teaching and student success; excellence in teaching practices; a record of outstanding teaching effectiveness within and outside the classroom; effective course program development equally reflecting each component of the 3 Circle Model; and the ability to inspire, promote, and sustain students’ growth.

Please use the form below to submit nominations for a teacher you believe is Outstanding- including yourself!

2024 Outstanding Teacher Nomination Form

The application window for these awards will open on April 1st and close May 1st. Winners will be selected by the Area Coordinators and Board Members at Area Convention. Those finalists will then be sent to a panel of outside jurors, who may be sponsors, industry leaders, or other stakeholders in the profession. The winners will be announced at the Agriculture Teachers Association Professional Development Conference. 

Agriculture Teachers Association Awards      

The Agriculture Teachers Association presents awards to recognize members and supporters who have shown outstanding support to Texas agriculture science and FFA programs. Awards are presented at the Association's Professional Development Conference. 

Agriculture Teachers Association Awards Categories
Outstanding School Administrator Award 
Outstanding Chapter Advocate Award 
Outstanding Publication Award 
Outstanding Audio Broadcast Award
Outstanding Television Station Award 
Outstanding Chapter Publicity Award

The application window for these awards will open on April 1st and close May 1st. Winners will be selected by the Area Coordinators and Board Members at Area Convention. All applications can be found here.

Please email tori@texasagteachers.org with any questions

Association Hero Award and Champion Awards      

The Agriculture Teachers Association is fortunate to have countless sponsors, supporters and stakeholders. The generous support of our donors helps empower agricultural science education and FFA opportunities. Every year we honor select individuals by presenting them with our Hero Award and Champion Awards as a toke of our gratitude. 

Agricultural Education Hero Award Recipients (Formally the VIP Award)

2017 - Randy Watson
2018 - Dan Taylor
2019 - Jay Eudy
2020 - Marcus Hill
2021 - Jerome Tymrak
2022 - Dr. Steve Forsythe
2023 - Ron Whitson

Champion Award Recipients
2017 - Gordon Davis
2019 - Herman and Bobbie Wilson
2020 - Mitchell Dale
2021 - Jake Paine
2022 - Rex Isom
2023 - Bill Priefert

Legislative Awards      

The Legislative Awards recognizes a Texas legislator who has stood up for Agriculture Education over the course of a session. 

Legislative Award Recipients
2020 - Rep. DeWayne Burns, District 58
2020 - Rep. Donna Howard, District 48
2021 - Rep. Trent Ashby, District 57

NAAE Awards      
NAAE maintains an awards program to recognize the accomplishments of our many talented and dedicated members. The following awards require state judging. Applicants must be NAAE members. 
The deadline to have applications turned in to NAAE is May 15, 2024. 

Ideas Unlimited Award - The Ideas Unlimited contest is designed to give members an opportunity to exchange classroom, SAE, leadership, and other teaching ideas. The idea may be original or borrowed. Each application should specify how the idea was used by the applicant and how the idea could help others in their teaching. Access award application instructions here. 

Teacher Mentor Award - If you ask agriculture teachers what motivated them to enter and stay in the teaching profession, predominately they will attribute their decision to another agriculture teacher who encouraged them. This award program provides beginning teachers a way to say thank you to the experienced teachers who have influenced them. This award has an online application, which means you will have to log in to the NAAE website to access the application form. Access award application instructions here

"Teachers Turn the Key" Award - Agricultural education is continually faced with a shortage of qualified teachers. Unless those who have been trained enter and remain in the profession for a period of several years, the shortage of qualified teachers will prevail. As a means of encouraging young teachers to remain in the profession and to encourage and recognize participation in professional activities, NAAE offers the Teachers Turn the Key Scholarship. 

NAAE members who are in their second, third or fourth year of teaching at the time they apply are eligible for this award. (When the awards are presented at the subsequent NAAE convention, the scholarship recipients will be in their third, fourth or fifth year of teaching.) Applicants must be a member of NAAE during the year of application (2022-2023) and be a member of NAAE at the time of the convention at which they receive the scholarship (2023-2024). Applicants must not have attended the NAAE convention previously. All state winners must agree to attend the entire NAAE convention.

Teachers Turn the Key is an online application, which means you will have to log in to the NAAE website to access the application form. Access award application instructions here.

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